Parking permits

We encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions on Parking Permits (docx, 48.4KB) and the Frequently Asked Questions on Parking Permit Fees (PDF, 34.9KB), and view the parking permit areas.

You can also take a look at our Parking Permit Policy (pdf, 1.84MB)

Most parking permits are free of charge. A $60 fee ($30 for pensioners) will apply for the second 2019/20 Resident Parking Permit from November 1, 2019. This fee is being implemented to help manage on street parking more effectively and encourage greater use of public and sustainable transport.

Please note, not all properties have access to parking permits: in particular, most businesses, flats, and properties subdivided after 2005 cannot obtain parking permits. However, some of those properties can purchase ‘temporary parking vouchers’ for use on a limited number of days of the year.

If you have any queries on the availability of parking permits, especially if you are considering purchasing or renting a property and would need to use on-street parking, please contact us on 9243 8888 or email to check what permits the property has access to.

Replacement parking permits – damaged permit stickers 

We have received some feedback regarding the 2018/2019 parking permits sticking and ripping when being removed for application. 

If you are having trouble removing your permit from the printed letter, please note: the small arrow is the point at which the sticker needs to be peeled.

If you have encountered this issue and your permit is damaged, you can request a replacement by emailing us at with the permit numbers required to be re-printed. 

Types of parking permits available

There are several types of permits available for residents:

Resident and visitor parking permits

You may be eligible to apply for a resident and/or visitor parking permit. These parking permits will allow you to park freely near your home; for example, you will be able to park for an unlimited duration even if signs indicate parking is only allowed for two hours.

Resident and visitor permits are valid for an area around your home. Each area has a number that is displayed on the permits and on street signs. Find out more on the parking permit areas page.

A resident parking permit is linked to a vehicle you own, and can only be used by that vehicle.

A visitor permit can be used to park near your home, by a vehicle you own or for a visiting vehicle.

Event parking permits

Event parking permits are only available to businesses within the Event Area surrounding the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds and Flemington Racecourse (find out more on the events area page). Businesses within that area may apply for up to two event parking permits, which are similar to visitor permits but only apply on days when additional parking restrictions are in place due to major events at the Showgrounds or Racecourse.

Temporary parking vouchers

A temporary parking voucher consists of 10 daily parking permits, which can be used on any day of your choice. They do not expire at the end of each year.

Each daily parking permit can only be used once, for a 24 hour period. In order for the daily parking permit to be valid, the date (including the year) and start time must be written on it.

People who are eligible to apply for temporary parking vouchers will be able to purchase one voucher (containing 10 tickets) every three months from our Civic Centre. The cost of a voucher is $27.50, or $13.50 for pensioner concession card holders.

Disabled parking permits

Disabled parking permits are available if you have mobility problems or a severe disability. For information on these permits and details on the application process, visit the disabled parking permits page.

A disabled parking permit does not allow for parking in a Permit Zone. Residents who have a disabled parking permit and live in a street with parking restrictions might also wish to apply for a resident or visitor parking permit, if they are eligible to do so. 

Am I eligible for a parking permit?

The Municipal Parking Strategy (pdf, 3.3MB) describes what types of households are eligible for parking permits, and how many. The eligibility of most properties can be seen in this table of permit entitlements (pdf, 290KB).

The allocation of parking permits to residents depends on a combination of the following criteria:

  • the type of dwelling that the residents live in (e.g. house, townhouse, multi-dwelling development)

  • for a house, whether it has a driveway

  • for a house or townhouse, whether it is on a site that has been developed to a higher density since 1 January 2006. This is determined by whether the number of rates notices issued to that site has increased since 1 January 2006

  • the location of the dwelling; for example, is it in a principal or major activity centre, or in the area surrounding the Melbourne Showgrounds and Flemington Racecourse (known as the events area)

Not all residents are eligible for permits. If you are unsure of your eligibility for permits, please contact our Customer Service team on 9243 8888.

How do I apply for a parking permit?

If you have recently moved to Moonee Valley and think you might be eligible for a permit or temporary parking voucher, please fill out the relevant application form below, or contact us on 9243 8888 or visit the Civic Centre to obtain a copy.

Appropriate proof of residency and proof of vehicle ownership will need to be provided.

The completed form and required documents of proof can be submitted to us by:

Post: PO Box 126, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

In person: Civic Centre, 9 Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds 

Parking permit fees

This table shows the 2019/20 fees for parking permits.

Not all residents are eligible for permits or vouchers. Find out what parking permits you are eligible for.

 Permit type Fee Fee (pensioner/concession)
First residential permit $0 $0
Second residential permit $60 $30
First visitor permit $0 $0
Second visitor permit  $81.50 $41

10 x daily parking permits


Replacement fee visitor permit $71.50  $71.50

We encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions on Parking Permit fees (doc, 34.9KB).

*A replacement fee for visitor parking permits is payable to minimise misuse of a visitor permit and to cover administrative costs in replacing the permit. In addition to the replacement fee, a Statutory Declaration is required stating that the visitor permit has been misplaced or lost. If you have misplaced or lost your visitor permit, please call Customer Service on 9243 8888 for further information.

How do I renew my permit(s) for 2019/20?

Parking permits are valid each year from 1 November to 31 October.

Your 2018/19 parking permits will expire on 31 October 2019.

If your vehicle details have changed, you will need to complete a Change of Vehicle form below before we can issue a permit for your new vehicle.

If you currently hold a permit without a fee - i.e. any combination of first residential permit and /or the first visitor permit – these will be automatically renewed and posted to you. Look out for your permit(s) in the post in mid-October.

If you currently hold a second residential permit and /or second visitor permit which does have a fee payable, a renewal invoice will be sent to you in September.

I have received my permits. How do I display them?

  • Stick your resident parking permit on the lower left side of your windscreen

  • Hang your visitor parking permit on your rear vision mirror – remember, a visitor permit is only for vehicles parking near your home, not when travelling elsewhere

  • Place your daily parking permit (from a Temporary Parking Voucher booklet)on the lower left side of your dashboard. Remember to write the current date and time on it – the permit will apply for 24 hours from then.

  • In the case that the vehicle does not have a windscreen, dashboard, or secure rear vision mirror, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure the position of the permit is sufficiently visible to Parking Control officers. A Parking Permit not displayed as described here is considered invalid and any parking infringement notices issued may not be withdrawn.

What do I do if my vehicle registration details have changed?

Please fill in a Change of Vehicle Form (pdf, 332KB) and return to us with proof of vehicle ownership. We will cancel the existing permit and post you a replacement permit.

What if I have moved, or changed my mailing address?

If you are a property owner and currently have parking permits, please complete the change of address form (doc, 30KB) and email to  

If you are not a property owner, please notify us in writing by sending us an email to If you have any questions, please call Customer Service on 9243 8888.

Parking permit appeal process

The Parking Permit Policy sets whether permits are available to a household, and if so how many. Council has an appeals process to assess any exceptional circumstances that may warrant deviating from the Parking Permit Policy. The appeals process allows us to re-look at your particular situation, using specified criteria. Appeals that do not address these criteria are unlikely to be successful.

If you think your personal circumstances warrant a deviation from the Parking Permit Policy, based on the following criteria, contact Customer Service on 9243 8888 to discuss how to progress with an appeal.

  • Previous rights to parking permits, including the number and duration of time that permits were held
  • Personal hardship resulting from/or in addition to the loss/withdrawal/non-eligibility of a Parking Permit
  • Physical hardship such as physical impairment, age or frailty, which would severely impact the capacity of the individual to satisfactorily function, and which would be compounded with the loss/withdrawal/non-eligibility of a Parking Permit

  • The availability of other on-street parking in the immediate vicinity and within the parking permit area of the appellant’s residence, including the potential to review said parking

  • The availability of off-street parking and existence of parking waivers for a property, which were granted as part of the planning approvals process

  • The impact of parking restrictions implemented due to construction activities.

If you wish to appeal to the Parking Permit Management Committee, please download the appeal form (pdf, 94KB), or call us on 9243 8888 to have it sent out to you.

If you wish to raise any other concern on parking and transport, please write to Council at the above postal address or email

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