Parking permit areas

Parking permits are now issued for an area rather than just one street, which means that parking permit holders will have more options to find a space.

These areas are indicated on your permits and on parking signs in the street. For residents who live on the boundary on these areas your permits apply to both sides of the street, regardless of which area is displayed.

This system, which was adopted as part of the Parking Permit Policy, will allow you to park in nearby streets if all spaces are taken in your street.

It increases parking options and distributes parking demands in a local area.

The parking permit areas were designed to:

  • encourage people to walk for short trips in particular around train stations, major tram and bus stops, places of employment and shopping strips
  • discourage car journeys within the area
  • take into consideration geographical features and arterial roads where possible
  • take into consideration population sizes

Parking permits are not valid for use in clearways, no stopping or no parking areas, loading or work zones, disabled parking bays, taxi ranks, tram and bus stops, off-street carparks (unless explicitly specified) and strip shopping centres.

If a street is on the boundary of another parking permit area, you are able to park on both sides of that boundary street (but not in a neighbouring municipality).

For more information please refer to the map below, download the parking permit zones map (pdf, 18MB) or call our Citizens Service Centre on 9243 8888.

Select your street to find out which parking permit area you are part of.

Last updated: Tuesday, 19 November 2019, 7:58 PM