Parking in the events area

The Melbourne Showgrounds and the Flemington Racecourse have become increasingly popular locations for both large scale events and smaller private functions. The number of events held in these venues has risen over the last few years and we expect this trend will continue in the future. 

We are working with the venues to ensure they encourage their visitors to use public transport. However, we know events put increasing pressure on traffic and parking in the local area. We want to have a robust plan in place to ensure that the limited parking available gets shared by all members of the community in a fair way.

The Events Area

The events area (pdf, 640KB) was defined based on where people who are attending events held at the Melbourne Showgrounds and the Flemington Racecourse are likely to park.

Parking restrictions

We have completed the Events Area Parking Study, which reviewed the parking restrictions in the area. Based on community feedback, in many streets there were no changes. This means that in many streets parking restrictions only apply when there are large events taking place at the Racecourse and Showgrounds. It is during these large events that residents and visitors need to display their parking permits, visitor permits or temporary parking vouchers clearly in their cars.

If there is an event on at these venues that is not on our events list, we will only enforce unsafe and illegal parking (such as parking across a driveway/footway or on a nature strip).

How to find out when large events are on and when parking restrictions apply?

  • Visit the major venues page
  • Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for regular updates
  • Sign up to receive email notifications by sending your email address to
  • Read the Council one page advert in the local papers
  • Check one of the seven large signs at key locations in the events area. These alert residents and motorists when large events are happening, and therefore when ‘event’ parking restrictions apply and parking permits are required. They are located at:
    • Epsom Road, north of the Racecourse Road roundabout
    • Ascot Vale Road, north of the Racecourse Road roundabout
    • Kent Street, east of the railway bridge
    • Ascot Vale Road, south of the railway bridge
    • Union Road, south of Bloomfield Road
    • Epsom Road, north of Mirams Street
    • Fisher Parade, north of the Maribyrnong River bridge

Parking permits in the events area

We recognise the difficulty to find parking when there is a peak in demand due to events being held at the Melbourne Showgrounds or Flemington Racecourse.

We provide special parking permit allowances above and beyond the general parking permits entitlements for people who live and work in the events area as follows:

  • residents of multi-storey apartments located in the events area will be able to purchase temporary parking vouchers
  • residents of public housing accommodation located in the events area will be eligible for one resident permit and will be able to purchase temporary parking vouchers
  • businesses and organisations that are based in the events area will be eligible for two event permits; these are like visitor permits but only apply on major event days
  • education facilities that are based in the events area, including primary schools, secondary schools, preschools and childcare facilities, will be eligible for one event permit per permanent employee. They will also be able to purchase temporary parking vouchers.

Find out more about major events at Flemington Racecourse and the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Last updated: Saturday, 9 November 2019, 6:22 AM